Treating Your Family Law Needs With Compassion

Accurate Child Support And Modifications Can Set You Up For Success

At Susan Thurston, P.A., I help Minnesota parents obtain child support orders that accurately reflect their current financial circumstances.

This is not always a straightforward process while meeting the requirements of the court’s child support calculator. Child support is often complicated, but with me on your side, you can rest assured that your family law matters will be handled professionally and effectively.

Modifying Court Orders To Reflect Lifestyle Changes

When a parent’s financial circumstances change significantly, they may qualify to obtain a modification of the original child support order. In these instances or other situations, a modification of the payment amount may be allowed by the court:

  • One parent becoming unemployed
  • One parent gaining a higher-paying job or a raise
  • The cost or availability of health care coverage for the child may change
  • The child may become ill and incur extraordinary medical expenses
  • Cost of living for one or both parents may change

As your attorney, I can discuss all the available prospects for modifying your child support and help you obtain any needed changes. I can also help you seek modifications for other court orders, including those for child custody and spousal maintenance.

When needed, I can help you prove paternity so that your children may receive child support and other benefits from their father.

When Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer?

If you seek a modification of an existing court order, you are not required to retain an attorney. However, it is by far the wisest option.

When you meet with me, I can discuss your circumstances with you and help you consider the options, evaluate your goals and provide you with recommendations that are informed by a deep knowledge of the law and Minnesota court procedures.

Not only can I help you obtain a fair child support award, but I can also represent your interests. Because modifications often have unintended consequences — such as fueling resentment from your former spouse or altering your time with your children — I can advise you on whether a modification is your best alternative. As an experienced litigator, negotiator and mediator*, I often help my clients reach sensible solutions efficiently.

In certain circumstances, I can also help grandparents obtain custody of their grandchildren or enable them to receive child support for children in their care.

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*Susan C. Thurston is a qualified neutral mediator under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice.